The world where the action takes place. It theoretically exists within the general D&D cosmology, but travel to and from it is extremely difficult and almost never happens.

Four major continents are known to the inhabitants of Cerilia, though there are probably more.

Cerilia: A temperate northern continent roughly analoguous to Europe. It is divided into five regions: Anuire, Khinasi, The Rjurik Highlands, Vosgaard and Brechtur. It’s also the only known continent with substantial intelligent non-human populations.

Anduria: A warm central continent roughly analoguous to Africa. It is largely underdeveloped in the north, though there are a number of notable empires further south. A limited number of Cerilian colonies can be found on the northern shores. It is almost exclusively human. The nations of Anduria engage in limited trade with Cerilia. Despite this, hardly anyone in Cerilia knows anything about the place at all.

Djapar: Another warm central continent, south-east of Cerilia. The traditional home of the Basarji people, little is known about this continent. Most Anuiran scholars speculate that the land is populated mostly by nomadic horse tribes, given that this was the original state of the Basarji in Cerilia. A few Khinasi captains have disputed this, claiming to have sailed there and seen “great white cities”. Djapar has almost no contact with Cerilia as they refuse to accept that the old gods have died and treat Cerilians as heretics.

The Eastern Isles: An island chain in between Cerilia and Djapar. They act as intermediaries between the unfriendly Khinasi and Basarji. The northern Islands are referred to as the Dragon Isles and are said to be well… ruled by dragons. Ships are turned away by the local kobolds, so this is hard to confirm. The southern isles are ruled by a powerful sorcerer referred to as the Magian, a mysterious figure apparently from Djapar but still somehow imbued with a powerful bloodline of Azrai.


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